Alicante Black Air Mesh Shoe with Elastic Laces

Alicante Black Air Mesh Shoe with Elastic Laces


Black Air Mesh Shoes for all occasions 

DIAN Alicante Air Mesh Shoe with elastic laces designed using the latest materials technology developed for work footwear that minimises foot fatigue that offers your feet comfort and relief.

  • Upper D’COVER DRY® breathable and liquid repellent textile material,
  • D’DRY® interior lining in textile material and ankle collar both padded.
  • Straight last with rounded toe.
  • Sturdy buttress to support the calcaneus.
  • D’WALK® insole padded with textile material on bi-component foam, which copies the footprint for the foot.
  • MAXREACT® outsole, ultra-light, flexible, made of bi-component polymeric material, composed for a highly resistant and non-slip external structure, filled with an internal cushion of soft material, to increase comfort when walking.
  • Suitable for washing machine up to 40º.


Standards: CE Certificate, Standard EN-ISO-20347:2012 UE 425/2016. Security Level SRC+O1+FO. SRC = (SRA+SRB) nonslip on tiled surface with detergent and water as a lubricant +nonslip on steel with glycerin as a lubricant. O1 = closed back, antistatic, energy absorbing heel, outsole with ridges. FO = hydrocarbons resistance of the outsole.

 .   Dian_Dwalk_MaxReact_shoe_design


Dian Alicante Black Elastic Lace Sneaker with non slip sole


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