Dian Shoe Technology D'Walk and MaxReact

D`WALKREACT®: innovation by DIAN that offers your feet comfort and relief.


D'Walk and D'WalkReact

DIAN develops technology for work footwear that minimises foot fatigue.

DIAN has developed new technology that equips their models with entirely unique features:

  • the combination of the MaxReact® outsole
  • and the D’Walk® insole reduces fatigue by improving the shoe’s cushioning and better adapting to the sole of the foot.


This is evident from the figures: It boasts a resilience index of 47%, which in turn offers a far greater energy return, at around 50%.

Its static deformation and dynamic compression fatigue levels show that the shoe will not deform when body weight is applied, achieving maximum values of 1%, compared to normal values of up to 34%, which indicates minimal sole deformation and reduced foot fatigue.


Shock absorption is slower than in other common materials, preventing a loss of cushioning after use.


This shows how D`WALKREACT® technology helps improve comfort while reducing fatigue and offering your feet relief.