Zullaz Orthotic Slippers

‘Zullaz’ mens and womens slippers feature our ‘trademark’ Footlogics arch support. With these comfortable slippers you can keep your feet warm and supportive during cold winter months.  Especially suitable for people with Plantar Fasciitis first thing in the morning when heel pain is often at its worst. When you suffer from foot problems like Plantar Fasciitis or Metatarsalgia (ball of foot pain), it’s very important to keep your feet supported and cushioned at all times of the day!

Slippers with arch support are the only footwear you should use when moving about the house during cold winter months.  Since slippers have evolved into an essential component of the unofficial work-from-home wardrobe, we developed slippers with the same level of quality arch support and comfort as our orthotic insoles. 

Excess pronation (fallen arches) is very common and may lead to typical problems such as heel pain, Achilles Tendonitis etc. Good arch support cradles the arch and heel and can help prevent these conditions. Slip into a pair of our new Zullaz slippers and experience the soft, soothing feel of support and warmth. 

Cushioning and shock absorption is also important because the feet are the basis of the body. Wearing supportive slippers at home is a terrific approach to help prevent and relieve back, knee, and hip discomfort. Wearing orthotic slippers and reducing the amount of time you spend barefoot can also help prevent and delay the “fat pad atrophy” at the plantar surface (bottom) of your feet. 

The foot is a magnificent and extraordinary part of the human body. To enable humans to run, balance, twist, spin, and jump, it is made up of 28 bones, 31 joints, innumerable ligaments, tendons, and muscles. Over the course of our lengthy lives, the foot undertakes a large variety of high-stress activities. From the relentless pounding of a marathon runner to the focused balance of a ballerina in pointe, the foot is capable of grace and fortitude. It can move around with little effort on rock, asphalt, and soil. Feet consistently accomplish even the more menial activities of daily walking, lifting, and adjusting to a variety of terrain.