Dian Footwear: symbol of Comfort, Design and Health

Our footwear, an example of certified quality

DIAN shoes for nurses, healthcare professionals, hospitality professionals, chefs, waiters, waitresses are  manufactured exclusively in Spain and proof of this is that this company has received the Certificate of Origin Spanish Certificate (OEC), a seal created to identify the Spanish companies that manufacture their products in Spain. This title guarantees, in an audit process carried out by independent professionals, the Spanish origin of the shoes belonging to the DIAN brand. To achieve this certificate, DIAN has undergone an exhaustive audit, which confirms that its products are 100% manufactured in Spain, including the design of its footwear models, the origin of its production centers, its shareholder structure, the department of Purchases, sales, logistics, the origin of its raw material and components, and payment of taxes in Spain.

In addition, Dian footwear has been adapted to the  standards EN-ISO-20347: 2012 and EN-ISO-20345: 2012 which determines that Dian products have a quality design, and a production process as well as marketing excellent within the footwear sector.

All this to guarantee the highest quality, transparency and consumer confidence that Dian footwear uses.

Dian Footwear of Spain

A shoe that takes care of the worker's health

Some workers suffer from their own pathologies on their feet, and this makes it difficult to get a comfortable , quality work shoe that has the function of protecting and taking care of the employee's health. In DIAN we have taken this into account, and that is why most of our models can incorporate orthopedic plantar supports.

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