About Us

The team at InterAktiv Wear have been servicing the Healthcare and Allied Health Industry for over 20 years. Interaktiv Wear sells nurse shoes, Theatre clogs, nurses clogs, medical shoes, chefs clogs, hospitality footwear, medical clogs, waiters shoes, comfortable nurse shoes, Dentist Shoes, nursing shoes, nurse shoes Australia, hospitality shoes, chef's shoes, comfortable nurse shoes, Hospital worker shoes, Suecos, Veterinary Nurses shoes, nursing sneaker, dress shoes, leather work shoes, shoes, crocs, nurse mates, uniforms, scrubs,  cumfies.

We are 100% Australian owned and are an Importer and distributor since 2013.

Our head office is located in Sydney, and we distribute throughout Australia. 

The team at InterAktiv Wear are committed to delivering exceptional service to the professional industry.

InterAktiv is a Trade Mark of Whiteley Diagnostic Pty Ltd. ACN: 27 158 105 849 trading as InterAtiv Wear    



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