Flexile Safety Toe Slip On Work Shoes

Flexile Safety Toe Slip On Work Shoes

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Flexile Safety Toe Slip On Work Shoes


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Safety toe non-metallic cap shoe with an anti-perforation sole made of composite material for high grip.  Slip on design using composite materials to give a comfortable wearing, secure fitting safety shoe for a wide variety of application for both men and women. 

The premium padded fabric lining with high moisture absorption breathable material and fast drying.

The forefoot and ankle collar are made from neoprene giving a secure flexibility fit that prevent water penetration. 

External reinforcement in the toe for increased durability. Straight shape rounded toe area provides plenty of toe room.

Non-metallic internal toe reinforcement ensure forefoot and toe safety

High heel buttress gives additional support and secure fitting.

Double density polyurethane sole high coefficient in dry and humid, with corrugated ridges to facilitate the evacuation of liquids.

Colour: Black



  • Microfibre, neoprene Upper
  • Fabric over polyurethane foam Inner sole
  • Polyurethane outer sole
  • Anti-static
  • Anti-perforation sole
  • Safety Toe
  • Slip on - no laces entanglement.
  • Non-skid ribbed sole resistant to oil-fuels
  • Energy absorbing
  • Removable cushioned insole.
  • Machine washable to 40 degrees.



Complies with Regulations:

CE Certified, EN-20345.

Security level S1P + SRC.

SRC = (SRA+SRB) non-skid tiles and water with detergent+slip on steel and glycerin as a lubricant.

S1 = 200J safety toe, template anti-perforation, antistatic, energy absorbing heel, sole with ridges, waterproof material of the instep, sole resistant to hydrocarbons and oils.

P = Anti-perforation Sole.

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