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Skoll clogs

Comfort & Affordability.                            

Skoll clogs is indeed very comfortable and affordable. One day we asked ourselves "Can we offer our loyal professionals a very affordable model, without necessarily compromising the quality that is the hallmark of Suecos?".

Now that Skoll clogs is one of our best-sellers, the answer is no longer "yes we can" but rather "yes we did!".

Skoll clogs comes in a range of colours, ensuring that every professional will no longer have any uniform hassles.

Ultraweight, Skoll clogs require up to 66% less muscle effort than regular shoes. Skoll clogs absorb the bodyweight and provide a relaxing feeling in feet, knees and back. The ventilation ports allow the air to circulate and prevent feet from becoming too warm. The inner-sole nubs stimulate blood circulation.



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