FootLogics Casual 3/4 Length Orthotic

FootLogics Casual 3/4 Length Orthotic


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Casual 3/4 length orthotics for heel pain and other foot complaints

Footlogics CASUAL controls Over-pronation ( rolling in of the feet and collapsing of the arches). Supports re-alignment of the foot and ankle helps relieve foot complaints such as Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain), Archilles Tendonitis, as well as flat feet and fallen arches. This insole also improves overall body posture and may help relieve knee and lower back pain.


  • developed by Australian podiatrists
  • supports the longitudinal arch
  • helps relieve heel pain (Plantar Fasciitis), arch pain, ankle pain, pain at the back of the heel, knee pain and lower back pain
  • comfortable velours top layer
  • Podflex heel cushioning
  • 3/4-length, suitable for all types of slip-on shoes with low or flat heel, also suitable for flat sandals

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