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Zullaz 'Active'-Khaki Thong

Zullaz 'Active'-Khaki Thong


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Footlogics Zullaz ‘Active’ womens thongs with arch support and cushioning footbed. Sensational walking comfort!

Footlogics Zullaz ‘Active’ womens thongs with arch support and ultra-cushioning footbed. Give your feet a “5-star treatment” with these extremely comfortable thongs. Experience that ‘just-right’ feeling..!

  • A Breakthrough in walking comfort.
  • soft orthotic thong developed by Australian podiatrists
  • provides immediate relief for Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain) ball of foot pain etc
  • corrects over-pronation, fallen arches and flat feet
  • anatomical arch support contours your feet perfectly
  • light as a feather!
  • ultra-cushioning footbed, made of ‘ReSorb Plus’
  • soft, micro-fibre strap that holds the feet in place during walking
  • shock-absorbing E.V.A. outsole with anti-slip rubber pads


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