Suecos Oden Clogs.            Suecos_oden_brochure

The unthinkable: That's what comes to mind when you put on a pair of Suecos Oden Clogs for the first time. Could it be that such comfort truly exists in the professional footwear industry? the answer is simply yes. 

Featuring a slip-resistant rubber outsole to reduce the risk of slipping on wet surfaces, you are guaranteed the full package. So, have you ever tried an Oden? Perhaps that's why you are not wearing one right now!

Oden comes in 10 different colours/designs, giving professionals a variety of choices to accomodate for a multitude tastes and/or uniforms.

Recommended for: Nurses, Waitresses, Vets, Dentist and anyone standing on their feet for long periods of times.